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Posted on September 30th, 2022

Like spring cleaning, a fall cleaning spree gives you a chance to reset not only your home but yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally. Remember, a cluttered space usually means a chaotic mindset, which can be exhausting. That is why many people look to Fall as an opportunity to refresh and prepare for the upcoming holidays, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year.

In this article, we asked our professional house cleaners from Indianapolis for some expert fall cleaning and decluttering tips to get you started. So let’s delve right in!

Declutter all your summer stuff

Sort and declutter seasonal items that you won’t be using for the colder months. For example, put summer outfits back in storage, except ones you want to keep for layering under coats. Swimsuits, beach slippers, floaties, and other similar stuff should be cleaned properly before storing them.

Deep clean fridge, dishwasher, oven, and other kitchen appliances

Fall signals the rollout of consecutive holiday celebrations that call for intimate or large gatherings of family and friends. This includes Thanksgiving feasts, Friendsgiving parties, Christmas dinners, and all that good stuff. There’s going to be lots of cooking and entertaining that’ll happen during this season, so it only makes sense to put your reliable kitchen appliances on your fall cleaning checklist. Our guide on how to deep clean and deodorize your refrigerator is an excellent place to start.

Declutter and organize your pantry 

Make way for things you’re going to need and accumulate during this season of festivities. Get rid of all food, condiments, and other supply items that have expired or visibly gone bad. Make an inventory of everything you have and list down what needs to be replenished. After shopping for supplies, group each item according to purpose. For example, put all cleaning products in one basket at the bottom rack away from edibles. 

Do required seasonal cleaning and maintenance 

  • Clean your windows and reinforce weatherstripping 
  • Clean rain gutters
  • Clean your fireplace and chimney 
  • Replace your HVAC filters
  • Powerwash your patio furniture and clean outdoor entertaining spaces 

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Save your time and energy for all the cooking and entertaining this season, and leave the fall cleaning to the best house cleaners in Indy. 

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