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Posted on October 28th, 2022

Thanks to the growing awareness about climate change and environmental sustainability, many homeowners are now interested in doing everything they can not to cause further harm. Implementing a green cleaning routine at home can really help.

What Is Green Cleaning? 

Green cleaning involves consciously avoiding products and processes that contain chemical ingredients that harm the environment and human health or release pollutants, like volatile organic compounds (VOCs), when used. Following a green cleaning routine for your home can have several tremendous benefits, including:

  • Promoting kindness to the planet — Most green cleaning products are created to reduce toxic chemicals, carbon emissions, and dangerous practices that lead to air, water, and land pollution.
  • Protecting your and your family’s health  — VOCs cause allergies and are proven carcinogenic 
  • Promoting sustainability — Green cleaning companies use only sustainable materials and ethical practices in terms of production and employment. 
  • Reduce household expenses — One aspect of green cleaning encourages using homemade cleaning solutions using inexpensive stuff already in your pantry. 

Green Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Contrary to the common misconception, green cleaning isn’t complicated at all. So if you’re ready to pursue a fresher and cleaner home the eco-friendly way, here are some green cleaning tips to get you started.

1. Lessen the use of chemical-based cleaners

Do not use harsh chemical-based cleaners. They contain VOCs that cause your skin, eyes, throat, and lungs can get irritated, and you get headaches and nausea when exposed to their toxic fumes.

2. Use homemade natural cleaning products 

Believe it or not, there are natural ways to clean different areas of your home using products that you already have in your cupboard. Vinegar, lemon juice, salt, and baking soda are fantastic examples of eco-friendly cleaners. Use one part vinegar and lemon juice with three parts water to deep clean shower heads, stainless kitchen sinks, bathroom tiles, butcher blocks, stained grout, and wooden chopping boards, to name a few.  

3. Reduce waste by repurposing and reusing old everyday items 

Reducing everyday waste is another essential pillar of green cleaning. A clever strategy you can do at home is the following: 

  • Repurpose old toothbrushes as cleaning tools to reach every nook and cranny
  • Switching to natural sponges that you can reuse for a long time instead of synthetic disposable ones
  • Use old newspapers to clean surfaces instead of paper towels 
  • Opt for cloth cleaning rags or kitchen towels that you can wash when they get dirty

4. Spruce up your home with houseplants 

Beyond their aesthetic benefits, caring for houseplants provides other benefits, including filtering out VOCs and other airborne pollutants that compromise indoor air quality. Sometimes they can also be a great way to deter common household pests. For example, mice hate the smell of spearmint and peppermint. On the other hand, citronella and marigold are effective mosquito repellents

Green Cleaning Service in Indianapolis

Here at DeluxeMaid, we’re more than happy to work with customers who want to maintain their home’s cleanliness more sustainably and kindly to the environment. When you book our residential cleaning service, let us know if you like us to use eco-friendly cleaning products or if you have a specific product preference that you’re able to provide for our professional house cleaners to use when cleaning your home.

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