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Fall House

Posted on October 29th, 2021

The Fall season is steadily moving in. The nights begin to draw out and our thoughts turn to home comfort and hibernation. As the temperature drops and the leaves start to fall, we know it is that time of year. There is nothing quite like hunkering down and getting cozy at home for the Fall. This season, a tidy, clean home will provide the perfect space to relax and unwind. In this blog, we take a look at how you can achieve a no-fuss, tidy home for the Fall season. Follow along and enjoy the comfort and warmth of snuggling up on the couch under a soft blanket with those you care about.

Know Your Why for a Tidy Home

Consider some of the celebrations you have scheduled for the Fall. There will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy the various festivals and celebrations that take place throughout the Fall. With Halloween, Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah, Diwali, and Thanksgiving coming up, there are plenty of things to celebrate! Welcoming family and friends to share food is a great way to celebrate any occasion. And having people over is a real motivator for achieving a tidy, clean, and cozy home. While it is common to have bad cleaning habits, nobody feels comfortable welcoming guests to a messy, disorganized home. If you agree, visualize how lovely it will be to enjoy quality time with those you care about in the comfort of your home. Now, allow this image to inspire you towards getting started with your Fall cleaning checklist.

Before we get stuck on the specifics of your Fall Cleaning Checklist, first think about your motivation and goals. Begin by contemplating why exactly you are aiming for a clean and tidy home. For some, it might be that it brings them comfort knowing their house will be clean, while for others it might be that they want to please the whole family. Knowing your why is a great motivator for any action plan.

After you know your why, we can turn our attention to the specifics of what to concentrate on as part of your Fall Cleaning Checklist for a Tidy Home.

Light Fittings

It’s not likely you are cleaning your light fittings on a weekly basis. It is all too easy to neglect cleaning them at all. Over the year, dust will collect on them, which can contribute to a stuffy, musty feel to your room and affect people with allergies within your household. On dark Fall nights, adequate lighting can create a warm, comforting feel to your home, so implement light fittings as part of your Fall Cleaning Checklist. First, wipe down and dust light fittings carefully with a dry microfiber cloth. Do not use a wet cloth, for safety reasons. Always make sure to turn the lights off and leave the bulbs to cool before touching them. You can place 1 – 2 drops of your favorite essential oil on the cloth to help bring a natural fragrance to your home.

Clean Windows

Making sure your windows are squeaky clean, inside and out, will ensure that you are able to enjoy the vibrant colors of the season. Wash and rehang any blinds or drapes as part of this process. No need for expensive or chemical-based cleaners to ensure your windows are spotless. Distilled clear vinegar mixed with water makes a handy glass cleaner and scrunched up newspaper can be used to create a shine, streak free finish that allows you to savor the Fall views.

Sofas, Cushions, Blankets and Throws

Fall is the time for your soft furnishings to shine. Cozy sofa time with family will be infinitely improved by soft, fluffy cushions and a comforting blanket or throw to keep you warm. Ensure you give all of these items a good clean as part of your Fall Cleaning Checklist. Give the sofa a good vacuuming, especially if you have pets. You don’t want everyone to be rolling in dog hair during family time! Pay attention to laundry instructions to avoid shrinkage of fabrics. Consider including an elegant basket or storage chest in your room to store neatly folded blankets, ready for their next use.

Sorting Bookshelves

Fall is the perfect time to make a dent in your reading list. Cozy evenings at home with a page-turner will make time well spent. Be ready to enjoy your books this Fall by including a clean-out and organizing of bookshelves on your Fall Cleaning Checklist. Sort through your books and magazines and identify any which of them you could donate to the thrift store. Rearrange the books you want to keep in a system that works for you. Some people like to organize books by author, or genre. Similarly, you can choose to sort your collection by cover color. Whatever system you choose, wipe over books with a microfiber cloth to clear off any dust that has gathered over the year.

Clean Floors

Long Fall walks outdoors result in muddy footwear. Keep on top of mucky marks on floors with regular cleaning. Mopping hard floors regularly is a good way to stay on top of dirty footprints. Of course, prevention is always better than clean-up! So try to limit mucky floors by placing coir mats at the entrance to your home.

Kitchen Staples: Fridge and Cupboards

Time spent getting cozy at home this Fall means plenty of chance to enjoy some home cooked treats and comfort food. Keeping a clean kitchen should be one of your priorities. Be ahead of the game by sorting, tidying, and cleaning your pantry, cupboards and refrigerator space. You can reuse glass jars as storage for dried goods. Sealed jars make for particularly elegant storage. Make sure to label each item. Reusable chalkboard stickers are a fantastic find for a tidy and organized pantry.

Closet Clean-Out

Fall signals a move away from Summery dresses and strappy tops, and towards thick pullovers, hats, and scarves. Avoid your closet looking like a jumble sale by sorting and tidying. Box up summer attire and place everything in storage out of the way. Lastly, sort and fold Fall and Winter clothing items so you can easily see and access these. You will be ready for the cooler weather!

One Task at a Time

Most importantly for the ultimate Fall Cleaning Checklist – always remember your why. Think about what a tidy, clean and cozy home will mean for you and your family this Fall. This will make any action you need to take to achieve a clean home look much more doable. From there, you can work on the actions outlined here. To avoid getting overwhelmed, tackle one thing at a time, or aim to concentrate on one room at a time. Visualize your end goal and make space, and time to enjoy your clean and tidy home this Fall.