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Posted on February 28th, 2023

It’s easy to dismiss a professional home cleaning service as a luxury you can live without or don’t imagine ever needing. But the truth is it’s increasingly becoming essential in helping many people stay on top of their household chores despite living hectic lives. Having the option to book a reliable, professional cleaning company whenever you need them has many benefits. Here are some examples of ways they can make a positive difference in your life. 

1. Earn Extra Time to Do The Things You Love 

As the saying goes, time is the ultimate luxury. If you’re already working 9 to 5, five to six days a week, do you really want to spend your days off deep cleaning your living room or scrubbing the toilets? Booking a one-time or regular cleaning service gives you a chance to carve out an extra ounce of time to do anything, including:

2. Boost Productivity and Mental Focus 

If you work remotely or have children doing homework at home, getting your space regularly cleaned by professionals may help improve concentration, creativity, and motivation to accomplish tasks. In addition, less clutter means less visual stimuli that frequently lead to distraction and procrastination. If you put things in perspective, you’ll see that the average cost of a home cleaning service is totally worth it.

3. Have a Slow-Paced and Stress-Free Day

Do you always feel rushed and stressed out because you always have a lot going on? For example, you have to hurry home after work because you got to get dinner ready for the whole family, load up the dirty dishes in the dishwasher or put on a load of laundry every night before bed. And weekends can be the worst because you have to declutter and clean the entire house while trying to catch up on errands and other stuff that needs your attention. 

Knowing you can book a professional home cleaning service to take care of your chores will give you peace of mind and the freedom to step back and pause from your ever-hurried life. In addition, staying in a freshly cleaned, clutter-free, and organized space is also proven to lower stress and anxiety levels.  

4. Enhance Overall Health 

When you have a professional cleaner coming in regularly, you experience the following health benefits:

  • Better sleep health 
  • Less allergy or asthma attacks from dust, dirt, and dander 
  • Lower chances of getting sick due to effectively cleaning germs and viruses
  • Reduced risk of food poisoning and other infections (because the kitchen is properly cleaned and disinfected)

5. Reduce “The Mental Load” for Moms

What is mental load? According to Mind Body Green, mental load refers to invisible labor involved in getting a household and family life up and running, which commonly falls on women due to society’s gender-defined responsibilities and expectations. It’s the epic and endless list of tasks running through a woman’s head, usually about what needs to get done, who has to do it, and when it has to be done exactly. A study defines it as “anticipating needs, identifying options for filling them, making decisions, and monitoring progress.”

Booking a recurring home cleaning service eases the mental load because it’s one less thing you have to worry or think about. When you schedule a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly house cleaning appointment, we will send an expert cleaner to your address, like clockwork. 

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