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Posted on July 2nd, 2017

Tired of having a messy house? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of four simple but effective housecleaning strategies that will help you figure out where your mess is coming from and form a plan to tackle it based on tips from our professional cleaning experts.

1. Create a realistic and detailed cleaning schedule.

Most people get off-track with their housecleaning duties due to organization issues. First and foremost, they lack an accurate sense of the time it takes to clean their house. They also don’t realize how much mess is being created daily. To tackle this problem, think like a cleaning professional and create a regular house cleaning based on these factors:

  • Start by listing how many rooms you have in your house.
  • Then account for how many people you have in your household.
  • Time how long it takes to clean each room and divide room-cleaning duties fairly among the adults and older children in your household.

If you’re having difficulty creating a home cleaning schedule that fits your household, you can use software like “Let’s Clean Up!” which is highly recommended for creating workable cleaning schedules.

2. Address potential saboteurs— messy habits

Likewise, you should note down any messy or bad cleaning habits family members have. For example, leaving laundry around the house or failing to tidy up books and magazines. Talk to them about it and discuss the possible solutions. You might, for instance, put a magazine rack in the living room or hampers in an easily accessible location around the house.

3. Stick to your housecleaning schedule religiously.

As the saying goes, life happens. A child gets a cold, you unexpectedly have to work late two days in a row, relatives come over for a surprise visit, etc. It’s easy to let the excuses pile up until your house is unmanageable again. Alas, it’s extremely hard to clean your home from top to bottom once it’s become chaotic. As tedious and tiring as it is, you must stay on schedule where cleaning is concerned (barring a true emergency, of course). We highly recommend hiring a housecleaning service to stop by at least once a week and help out.

4. Declutter your house.

If you have a house full of souvenirs, figurines, old toys, spare clothes, and other knick-knacks, you have a home that’s hard to keep tidy. Devote time to declutter your home. Get rid of as many of these miscellaneous items as possible or organize them and store them.

. 5Dust and vacuum daily.

Dust is more than just unsightly—it’s highly allergenic. According to NIH, at least 10 percent of the general population and 90 percent of people with allergic asthma react badly to dust mites. Your family will breathe more easily, sleep better, and subsequently have more energy to dedicate to cleaning if you keep dust from accumulating.

Best Housecleaning Strategies When You’re Super Busy

Finally, remember that if your house is truly out of order, it’s possible to hire most housecleaning services on a one-time basis. Having a professional “deep clean” done can be the perfect way to jump-start your cleaning efforts. After all, once your house is spotless, maintaining it will be much easier than if you begin by trying to tackle a massive mess.

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