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Posted on April 8th, 2019

​​As with many things in life, consistency is key to maintaining a clean and organized home. Whether you prefer to clean your home yourself or book a professional house cleaning service in Carmel, Indiana, like Deluxemaid, having a good cleaning routine will make all the difference. But how often should you perform standard cleanings? What about deep cleanings? In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to create a detailed house cleaning schedule daily, weekly, and monthly. Read on to learn more!

How Often Should You Clean Your House?

As a rule of thumb, you should give your home a basic cleaning at least once a week, with two times being the sweet spot for most people. However, many factors that affect how frequently your home require cleanings. For instance, dog or cat hair can accumulate in no time. Families with children also tend to create much more clutter than, for example, elderly couples living alone.a woman fixing the bed

Daily Home Cleaning Schedule 

Everyday cleaning should be quick and easy. It usually only involves washing, cleaning, and putting back into place everything you use throughout the day. These are 15-minute cleaning tasks you can easily do, including: 

  • Making your bed
  • Washing dirty dishes or loading them into the dishwasher every night
  • Cleaning the coffee maker at the end of the day
  • Wiping down the kitchen counter and dining table
  • Sweeping the kitchen floors
  • Doing a load of laundry if necessary
  • Picking up random items scattered on the floor and putting them back where they should be 

Weekly House Cleaning Schedule 

Weekly home cleaning gives you a chance to reset after a hectic week. It refreshes the whole vibe of your space and creates positive shifts in your mood and emotions. It’s an excellent way to straighten everything out and prep your home for the week ahead. These usually include:

  • Dusting all visible surfaces, including shelves and coffee tables
  • Vacuuming and mopping all floors and carpets at home 
  • Cleaning the kitchen counter, sink, and outsides of cabinets 
  • Wipe down stovetop and kitchen appliances 
  • Cleaning the bathroom, showerhead, sink, bathtub, and outside cabinets
  • Changing bed with fresh sheets

If you’re using a home cleaning company, you can also book a standard cleaning service weekly or biweekly schedule for better home maintenance.

Monthly Home Cleaning Tasksa woman holding a spray bottle and rag

  • Toss expired food items and deep clean the refrigerator 
  • Dust and clean light fixtures and switches
  • Wash curtains and window blinds
  • Vacuum staircases and under furniture
  • Do baseboard and wall cleaning
  • Clean ceiling and air vents

Deep Cleaning: Once or Twice a Year 

On the other hand, deep cleaning at least once or twice a year is also great for keeping your space immaculately clean. This is particularly important if you or someone in the family suffers from allergies triggered by dust mites, pet dander, and dirt. A professional deep cleaning service is more thorough and intensive than standard cleaning. It usually takes longer and may require more intensive cleaning supplies.

Luckily, this is not something you need to do every day. Respectable organizations, such as ISSA, agree that a deep cleaning only has to be performed once or twice a year. It’s also why many people refer to deep cleaning as “spring cleaning.”

How Do You Schedule House Chores?

Keeping a tight cleaning schedule is critical to maintain a pristine home. This goes double if you have pets or children and live in an area that gets a lot of dust build-up. Pick two days out of your week (one of them can be on the weekend), and devote two or three hours to specific cleaning tasks. In addition, ask other family members to help out with housework.

Nevertheless, sometimes life can be too hectic to stick to an ironclad cleaning schedule. Thankfully, you can call a professional cleaning company when you’ve no time to clean.

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