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Posted on January 27th, 2020

It’s common for people to panic during the flu season, or when someone in their household randomly goes down with a cold. As a result, Americans spend many hours rushing to clean every surface in their home to stop the microbes from spreading. There’s no reason to go to such lengths. It’s much more effective to focus on a few specific shared areas and frequently touched surfaces, and make disinfectants a regular part of your standard home cleaning in Indianapolis. In this article, we’ll tell you how and what to disinfect at home to minimize the chance of you or your loved ones catching the flu or even the common cold. Read on to learn more. 

What should I disinfect?

Every person is different, and so is every home. Not everybody touches the same things with the same frequency, so you should take a good long look at your daily habits and figure out which parts of your house and belongings you come in contact with most often. That being said, here are some items almost everyone uses all the time:

  1. Bathrooms

    Hair, bodily fluids, bits of skin, and so on, can all be found on bathroom surfaces. In addition to disinfecting this area, you should ensure a sick person has a dedicated towel that nobody else uses.

  2. Phone

    Not only are you constantly touching your phone with your hands, it also spends a lot of time in your pockets, on desks, and might even be borrowed by others occasionally. Seeing as flu and cold viruses can survive on phones for anywhere between a couple hours to a few days, this makes them extremely likely to spread germs.

  3. Countertops and tables

    Countertops and tables get touched and leaned on all the time. Crumbs and droplets can fall out of a sick person’s mouth during eating and further contaminate the tabletops.

  4. Towels, blankets, and sheets

    Towels, blankets, and sheets all tend to collect sweat and microscopic bits of skin that can carry viruses and bacteria. You can disinfect them by using a color-safe bleach detergent and washing them at high temperatures.

  5. Remotes, joypads, computers, etc.

    These items get touched all the time and are rarely cleaned. Because they’re often shared between multiple household members, they can spread germs like nobody’s business.

  6. Toys

    Toys and stuffed animals also get handled and can easily serve as a vessel for bacteria and viruses. Luckily, stuffed animals can be washed in the laundry, while plastic toys can be put in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

What disinfectants should I use?

Many reliable cleaning products on the market have been specifically designed to destroy cold and flu viruses. This will typically be written on the label, so check that when buying them.

Remember to use paper towels or disposable disinfectant wipes if you’re using disinfectant sprays. This is because dishcloths and sponges only spread the chemicals around, whereas paper towels immediately soak everything up and can be safely discarded afterward.

Where can I schedule the finest home cleaning in Indianapolis?

Keeping your house clean while caring for a sick kid can be incredibly stressful and time-consuming. Things can get overwhelming if you also must take them to a doctor’s appointment.

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