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Posted on August 29th, 2019

Large pieces of furniture such as couches, sofas, and padded chairs tend to be used on a daily basis by multiple members of any given household. So it’s no surprise that, every now and then, someone will accidentally spill something on them.

Needless to say, making your home truly pristine isn’t really possible if there are highly visible, difficult-to-remove stains on your upholstery. Of course, the quickest and easiest way to remove these stains is to have experts in maid service in Carmel, Indiana deal with them.

In previous articles, we told you about the best ways to clean your bathroom and how to keep your home smelling fresh at all times. Now we’ll tell you how to deal with those stubborn upholstery stains with minimum hassle. Read on.

How do you clean a fabric sofa?

Fabric upholstery tends to quickly soak up whatever is spilled on it. This means you should always clean the stain ASAP before it can become deeply ingrained in the fabric and, therefore, much more difficult to remove.

To ensure your sofa (and other furniture with fabric upholstery) stays clean, you should:

  • Vacuum often. Frequent vacuuming removes any dust or crumbs before they can settle into the fabric. Vacuuming can also cause older stains to fade out and become less noticeable.
  • Check your sofa’s cleaning codes. Unless your furniture is really old, it’s probably marked with a cleaning code which tells you exactly what the safest ways to clean it are.
  • Steam the stains using the steaming feature of your iron. This loosens up the stains and makes cleaning them a lot less difficult.
  • Try milder cleaning solutions such as a mixture of cool water and dish soap, or put some vinegar on a cloth if your sofa can’t be cleaned with water.
  • Stronger cleaning agents should be used if the milder ones can’t do the trick. Buy a product that cleans the specific kind of stain you’re dealing with (eg. wine cleaners for wine spills). Don’t forget to spot-test these powerhouse chemicals to ensure they aren’t going to damage your sofa.
  • Outsource it to the pros. If you don’t know what cleaning products to use, or you’re worried you may damage your furniture, book tried-and-true cleaning service in Carmel to do it for you. This will ensure your sofa is cleaned to the highest standard, and  give you more free time to relax or visit Carmel Monon Depot.

How do you clean upholstery naturally?

For fabric upholstery, combine 1/4 cup white vinegar with 1/2 tablespoon of natural liquid soap and 3/4 cup warm water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and give it a good shake. Mist the stained area lightly and scrub it gently with a soft cloth. Afterward, blot the cleaned area with a dry cloth to make it dry faster.

A word of warning: leather and synthetic upholstery doesn’t use the same cleaning methods as fabric upholstery does. Make sure to use the correct approach to avoid accidentally damaging your belongings.

Can you clean a fabric couch with vinegar?

Can you clean a fabric couch with vinegar

It depends. If your couch can’t be cleaned with water, you can either use the natural cleaning method outlined above, or simply put some vinegar on a cloth and gently scrub the stain away. Just remember to check the furniture code of your couch to make sure the material is vinegar-friendly.

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