9 Money-Saving Tips When House Cleaning  |DeluxeMaid

Posted on November 1st, 2023

Nowadays, it’s not surprising to see many homeowners finding ways to cut costs wherever possible to make the most of their monthly budget. From frugal grocery strategies and exploring thrift stores for preloved clothes to reducing energy bills, there are so many things you can do to make your lifestyle more pocket-friendly. For instance, maintaining a nice and tidy home doesn’t have to come at a high cost. In this article, we share nine practical money-saving tips on how you can save when cleaning your house without compromising on comfort and quality of life.

1. Make your DIY cleaning solutions.

Create homemade cleaners using simple and natural ingredients, such as vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice. Aside from being proven cheap and effective, they are sustainable and Earth-friendly. It’s also highly recommended if you have little children, pets, or family members sensitive to chemical-based household cleaners.

2. Buy generic brands.

More often than not, generic cleaning products are as effective as name brands but cost less. Instead of being brand-conscious, it makes more sense to be a conscientious consumer and focus on reading the product label. Keep an eye on harmful additives and ingredients and use that as a deciding factor when shopping for cleaning products. 

3. Buy cleaning supplies in bulk.

Purchase cleaning products in larger quantities to save money in the long run. However, it’s also worth noting that you should only get stuff that you’re sure you can realistically consume before their expiry date.

4. Buy quality over quantity.

Invest in high-quality cleaning tools and appliances that will last longer and require fewer replacements.

5. Use reusable cleaning cloths.

Instead of disposable paper towels, opt for washable and reusable cleaning dish towels or microfiber cloths for cleaning up spills in the kitchen

6. Organize and declutter regularly.

Reducing clutter makes cleaning easier and more efficient, as you’ll spend less time moving things around. It will also encourage you to take inventory of supplies you still have instead of constantly buying and having unnecessary multiples.

7. Practice preventative maintenance.

Have a scheduled home maintenance routine checks to avoid costly repairs down the road. Regularly check for leaks, fix minor issues promptly, and deep clean appliances to keep them in excellent working condition. It’s also recommended to learn basic home repair skills to fix minor issues without hiring professionals.

8. Set a cleaning schedule.

Tackle small cleaning tasks daily, such as wiping down surfaces, to prevent severe dirt and grime build-up and the need for intensive cleaning sessions, which consume more time, energy, and cleaning solutions. Share the workload with family members or roommates to save yourself from burning out.

9. Book a regular cleaning service.

By following these tips, you can keep your home immaculately clean and organized without breaking the bank. Saving money on cleaning allows you to allocate your resources to other important areas of your life.

And here’s a bonus tip: if you’re using a professional home cleaning company to manage your home. In that case, we highly recommend opting for a regular cleaning visit instead of one-time occasional cleans as they provide more significant discounts and savings. Here at DeluxeMaid, we offer our customers 25% off for weekly, 20% for bi-weekly, and 15% off for monthly cleans, giving them the best value for their money. 

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