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Posted on October 4th, 2023

Living with dogs can bring immense joy in your life. But let’s be honest; they can also be a magnet of dirt, hair, messes, and other sources of unpleasant odors in your home. Nevertheless, if you ask any loving pet parent, they’ll tell you in a chorus, without skipping a heartbeat, that they’re worth it! For this article, we asked our best home cleaners in Indy to share some pet cleaning tips to keep your house looking good and smelling clean while cohabitating with your canine companions. Let’s dive right in!

Regular Pet Grooming

  • Brush your pet’s coat regularly, which can help reduce shedding.
  • Bathe periodically. How often you should bathe your dog depends on its breed, coat, and lifestyle. Some dogs require frequent baths, while others do not.
  • Clean their ears and trim their nails to minimize the risk of spreading dirt and bacteria, primarily if they’re used to playing outdoors or with other pups.
  • Bring them to a professional pet groomer whenever possible to keep them looking their best. Experts have secret pet grooming techniques and products that guarantee your dog will smell great longer, plus, it’s also a little pampering treat for them.

Invest in a Quality Vacuum

Get yourself a reliable vacuum cleaner with powerful suction power that’s preferably cordless for easier use. Make it a daily habit to vacuum furniture, pet beds, curtains, carpets, and other areas around your home where your dog hangs out and where hair typically accumulates. Staying on top of pet fur and dander situation at home can be time-consuming, so it’s also practical to consider investing in a robotic floor vacuum cleaner that can run daily to keep hair and dander to a minimum, even when you’re busy doing other things.

Opt for Machine-Washable Fabrics 

Are you familiar with the notion that “you can’t have nice things” when you have children around the house? That can also be true when you have dogs or cats. Maybe forget about getting that expensive and delicate Morrocan carpet you’ve been eyeing for quite some time now and opt for low-maintenance and machine-washable alternatives for your heart and wallet’s sake. Luckily, there are now a wide variety of brands that produce them with nice designs to choose from as well. 

Once you have them, put one of the washable rugs and mats in these strategic locations:

  • At every entrance point into your home, trapping dust, dirt, mud, and other nasty stuff from getting inside. 
  • Under your dog’s food and water bowls to catch spills.
  • Under their pet bed for effortless cleaning of the surrounding area.

Aside from rugs, it’s also worth choosing machine-washable removable furniture covers and pet beddings so they’re hassle-free to clean regularly or when messy accidents happen.

Paw Cleaning Habits  

  • Keep pet-safe wipes or a towel near the door or in your car to clean your dog’s paws after walks or time outside.
  • Consider using a mud room or a designated area for cleaning before allowing your dog into the main part of the house.
  • Train your dog to wait at the door after coming in from outside. This gives you a moment to clean their paws or let them dry off if wet.

Have a Consistent Home Cleaning Schedule 

Establish a regular cleaning routine to tackle areas where dirt and hair accumulate. These include:

  • Cleaning pet pee and poo as soon as possible with enzyme-based cleaners so they don’t stain or produce a strong, lingering smell.
  • Wiping down and disinfecting different surfaces frequently.
  • Sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming floors daily.
  • Washing all beddings and rugs weekly.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting their feeding area to prevent crumbs from attracting insects and the floor from developing water stains daily.
  • Do a stringent deep house cleaning if you suspect your pet has fleas.

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While these steps can help reduce mess, living with a dog will always introduce unpredictability. Staying on top of house cleaning with a messy pet can be overwhelming when juggling other life priorities. Work can suddenly get hectic, a much-deserved week-long vacation, or getting sick can throw you off your routine. In times like these, your home can still look spick and span with the help of the best maid services in Indianapolis to the rescue. Whether you need a one-time cleaning or a regular cleaning service to manage your home, DeluxeMaid can do it for you.

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