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Posted on February 21st, 2022

Bathroom cleaning is one of those tasks that even the most enthusiastic housekeepers wish they could avoid. Bathrooms often contain soap scum, limescale, and other stubborn stains that require vigorous scrubbing to remove. They’re also full of small, hard-to-reach spaces and susceptible to developing mold, mildew, and odor issues, which makes them unpleasant to work in. In fact, even though the bathroom is typically the smallest room in the home, it generally takes the longest to clean.

Fortunately, using the right cleaning supplies and methods can make bathroom cleaning a lot less labor-intensive. Today, we have access to a diverse range of cleaning products designed to reduce the need for scrubbing and help us reach awkward or high places without discomfort.

In this guide, with the help of BetterCleans, we’ll discuss five of the best cleaning products for eliminating bacteria, mildew, and stains in the bathroom. Whether you plan to clean your whole bathroom yourself, or just keep it fresh between visits from one of our Indianapolis maids, using these products is a surefire way to make the process faster, easier, and more pleasant:

The 5 Top Bathroom Cleaning Products for 2022

1. Toilet wands

Designed to take the work and the “ick factor” out of scrubbing a dirty toilet, toilet wands are both convenient and comfortable to use. They’re ideal for people who don’t want to clean with liquid bleach or handle a germ-laden toilet brush due to health concerns.

Toilet wands come with two parts: A plastic handheld wand and a set of disposable cleaning pads. Using the wand is as simple as attaching a fresh cleaning pad and swishing it around the toilet until stains disappear. The pads come pre-loaded with a powerful disinfectant cleaner, so you won’t need to use bleach or any other cleaning solution during this process. When you’re done, rinse the toilet by flushing it and throw away the used cleaning pad.

2. Mold and mildew cleaner

Bathroom mold and mildew stains can be a problem even for diligent housekeepers, especially if your bathroom is dark or has inadequate ventilation. In the past, the only way to get rid of these stains was to use bleach or vinegar and baking soda, combined with vigorous scrubbing. Today, however, a number of gel stain removers are available for use on bathroom grout, sealants, and tile. Popular options include Bathroom Magic Smart Gel 6-In-1 and SkylarLife Home Mold and Mildew Remover, among others.

These gels, which usually contain sodium hypochlorite (a chlorine compound), dissolve and kill built-up mold while simultaneously bleaching away dark stains. And the best part? They require virtually no labor to use effectively: Just apply a thick layer of gel (as directed on the product container) and walk away. After about 24 hours, the mold stains should completely disappear. Finish by rinsing the area to remove any remaining gel residue, then dry thoroughly.

3. Disinfectant spray cleaner

Disinfectants cleaners are an absolute necessity to keep dangerous pathogens, such as streptococcus, E. coli, and salmonella, from growing in your bathroom. If you’re sensitive to bleach fumes (or you have children or pets in the home), look for a multipurpose disinfectant spray that contains hydrogen peroxide instead of chlorine-based ingredients. These sprays are just as effective as bleach for eradicating viruses and bacteria, but they don’t produce irritating, lingering odors. Lysol and Clorox both make bleach-free spray cleaners you can use to disinfect sinks, shower stalls, and other hard surfaces in the bathroom.

4. All-purpose green cleaner

In areas where disinfection isn’t necessary, you can reduce your use of chemicals by switching to an all-purpose green cleaner. Today, there are many green, organic, and biodegradable cleaning solutions that are powerful enough to tackle grout stains, limescale, and soap scum while being easy on your health and the environment. Look for brands like Simple Green Ready-To-Use Bathroom Cleaner, Clorox Green Works Natural Bathroom Cleaner, or Better Life Natural All-Purpose Cleaner.

To use a spray-on shower cleaner, start with a damp shower (for convenience, you can apply these products immediately after showering). Lightly mist the entire shower area with cleaner, including the curtain or door, then walk away and let the product sit for at least 6-8 hours. It should dissolve soap scum and other stains without the need for scrubbing. Once the stains have disappeared, run the shower again to rinse off the cleaning spray.

5. Glass cleaner

Sometimes, the only way to get rid of cloudy areas or streaks on your bathroom mirror or shower door is to use a specialized glass cleaner. Products like Better Life Natural Streak-Free Glass Cleaner can help you get beautifully clear glass without leaving a chemical scent behind. Or, you can make your own green glass cleaner at home by combining 1 cup of distilled water, 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol, and 2-3 tablespoons of white vinegar in a spray bottle.

Just remember that your cleaning technique is crucial to ensuring you end up with a streak-free finish, no matter what type of glass cleaner you use. After spraying on your cleaning solution, grab a clean, dry microfiber cloth and wipe it across the glass in a zig-zag pattern, working from top to bottom. Don’t wipe the mirror or shower door in a circular motion, as this may push soap scum and grease around, creating streaks.

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