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Posted on August 11th, 2021

            What subject do American families argue about the most? If you guessed money, childcare duties, or homework, you’re incorrect – chores are actually the leading cause of family tension. According to current research, 49% of all couples with young children argue frequently about housework; by comparison, 43% fight primarily about finances, and 41% argue about childcare. In homes with older children, parents often face significant backlash when they ask their kids to help out around the house. Approximately half of all school-aged kids say they will do “anything” to avoid chores, and it’s common for families to spend more time arguing about housework than they spend tidying up. If you don’t want to deal with the stress, our cleaning service in Fishers, Indiana is always here to help you.

            If you’re dealing with “chore wars” at your house, the first step to resolving them is usually to get help from a professional maid. Otherwise, as hectic as the average family’s schedule is, it’s often impossible to fairly distribute chores while giving each family member enough time to relax. However, even if you’re receiving weekly cleaning help, you’ll still need to work with your partner and children to complete light maintenance cleaning in between maid visits. After contacting us about our services in Indianapolis, try using the strategies below to encourage your family to pitch in around the house:

6 Tips To Get Your Family to Clean the House – Willingly

1. Create a chore calendar.

            To eliminate arguments over who is responsible for which chores, make a list of your family’s daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning duties. Then, hold a family meeting to decide who should complete which tasks, and when. Once you’ve distributed chores fairly between family members, use a dry erase calendar or a free printable chore chart to organize everyone’s daily and weekly responsibilities. Place the calendar in a visually prominent location, such as the fridge door, to help your family stay on track (without the need for nagging or reminders).

2. Make sure you choose age-appropriate chores for your kids.

            One of the most common mistakes parents make when assigning chores is not taking the age of their children into account. Young children have underdeveloped motor skills and a limited attention span, so they’re easily overwhelmed by lengthy or complex tasks. To prevent your child from becoming frustrated by housework, give him small jobs he can handle and set a timer for each chore. (As a general rule, chores for kids under five should involve three steps or less and take under 15 minutes to complete.) Examples of suitable tasks for young children include putting away toys, tidying up dirty laundry, making the bed, and emptying wastebaskets.

            By age six, most kids can handle more complex chores, such as emptying the dishwasher, dusting, helping with the laundry, and keeping their rooms clean and organized. However, it’s generally a good idea to wait until your child is a preteen before you start asking him (or her) to vacuum or handle jobs that require the use of a disinfectant (e.g., cleaning the kitchen countertops).

3. Reduce clutter.

            Keeping your home free of unnecessary clutter is another important way to make it easier (and safer) for when young children are learning to clean. Clutter-free environments contain fewer distractions, which helps kids focus on cleaning and prevents them from becoming overstimulated. Reducing obstructions is also a great way to eliminate trip hazards. As an additional bonus, you’ll have fewer items to work around while you’re doing your portion of the housework.

4. Model a positive attitude towards cleaning.

            Kids learn behaviors and beliefs primarily by observing and imitating their parents. If you treat housework like a burden, your children will start to view it in a similarly negative light. By contrast, if you embrace the sense of accomplishment that comes with having a clean home, your children will learn that housework is rewarding.

            In the same vein, you should never discipline your children by making them complete extra chores. If your children see housework as a punishment, they’ll naturally start to resent helping out around the house. Instead, portray chores as a meaningful way to contribute to the household and make a point of praising your kids when they do a good job. You can also offer your children a small reward, such as a weekly allowance, to build positive associations with housework and keep your kids motivated.

5. Make cleaning fun for the whole family.

            If you and your family have a day set aside to clean the house from top to bottom, take steps to make it an enjoyable event everyone can look forward to. Play uplifting music while you work and keep younger kids engaged by making cleaning into a “game.” (For example, you might have a contest to see who can complete their chores the fastest without cutting corners, or give your child a sticker every time he completes a chore in under 15 minutes.) After the house is clean, celebrate by having a pizza party or by letting your kids pick a movie to watch.

6. Make sure your maid visits often enough to keep cleaning manageable for your family.

            The size of your family, the size of your home, the number of pets you have, and your work schedule can all affect how often you need a maid. If you plan to hire a cleaner to help prevent family arguments about housekeeping, ask our licensed, bonded maids in Indianapolis whether they would recommend weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning appointments for your household. Choosing the right cleaning schedule will keep your house looking tidy while ensuring that no one in your family feels overburdened by housework.

            With patience, mutual encouragement, and the assistance of a maid, most families can learn to clean together willingly and cooperatively. If you’re ready to support your family’s housekeeping efforts with professional cleaning services, reach out to our team online or by phone at 317-721-1105 and instead spend your day relaxing in Holiday Park.