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Posted on April 27th, 2021

Do you feel like you never have enough time for housekeeping? You aren’t alone: Up to half of all adults say they’re too busy to clean every weekend, and less than 40% of people perform annual deep cleans. This problem is particularly prevalent among younger adults, who are more likely to work long or irregular hours. In fact, experts believe that demand from Millennials is largely driving the current boom in the domestic cleaning industry.

Though having a packed schedule genuinely can interfere with housework, part of the problem is how we approach cleaning: Rather than breaking large jobs down into manageable chunks (and doing a bit each day), many people let cleaning tasks accumulate during the week. As a result of these bad cleaning habits, we end up having to allocate most of the weekend to housework, which makes tidying feel like an onerous undertaking. We also find ourselves having to clean in a hurry more often, either because we’re having guests over or because we simply can’t allow house cleaning to lapse any longer. If you ever need help our maid services in Fishers, Indiana are here to assist you.

Many cleaning services – including our team of maids in Indianapolis – offer last-minute appointments to help busy, overwhelmed individuals quickly whip their homes into shape. However, if you would like to try speed cleaning on your own, there are a number of techniques you can use to clean more efficiently without cutting corners. Below, we’ll share our seven favorite tips for cleaning the house when you’re in a rush:

Get rid of clutter first.

            No one can clean quickly if they constantly have to work around clutter. As such, picking up misplaced items should be the first thing you do when you’re cleaning in a hurry.

            Grab several bins (or empty laundry baskets) so you can sort items based on which room they belong in. (E.g., one bin for items that belong in the living room, one for items that belong in the bedroom, one for dirty laundry, etc.) Then, get a large trash bin for things that should be thrown away or recycled. After you fill the bins, move each one to the appropriate room; this way, you’ll be able to put clutter away efficiently as you clean different areas of your home.

Enlist the help of family members, if possible.

            When it comes to housekeeping, many hands really do make light work – particularly if you need to clean in a hurry. If your partner or children are home, try asking them for assistance (consider offering a small reward if your children are reluctant to clean). Just be sure to keep activities age-appropriate and well-organized, so people don’t get in each other’s way. For best results, assign different family members specific tasks or have them work in different areas of the home.

Start with the messiest room in your home.

            Cleaning the messiest room in your home first serves two purposes: One, it will prevent you from running out of time as a result of saving the most difficult job for last. Two, the feeling of accomplishment (and relief) you’ll experience once you know the most challenging job is done will inspire you to keep working on the rest of the house.

Clean one room at a time.

            When your cleaning time is limited, it’s tempting to rush from room to room, trying to clean everything at once (especially if you don’t have anyone to help you). However, attempting to clean the whole house without a clear plan will almost certainly slow you down. When our brains have to process a lot of different options in a short time, we become susceptible to “decision fatigue,” which impairs our ability to make good choices. It also erodes our willpower and makes the job at hand feel more overwhelming than it actually is, increasing the likelihood that we’ll become prematurely fatigued or disorganized.

            Clean rooms by priority level, working from the messiest room down to the tidiest. Do your best to stay in one room until you’ve finished cleaning it, then move on to the next one. Only leave the room you’re working on if you need to put something away in another room.

Set a timer for each room.

            Timers are another useful tool for staying on track while speed cleaning. Add up how much time you have to clean in total, then divide it by the number of rooms you need to clean. For example, if you have an hour and want to clean four rooms, set a timer that allows you 15 minutes per room. Not only will this approach help you avoid running out of time, it will encourage you to focus on the highest-priority tasks in each area. Remember that you can always come back and finish detail cleaning (like organizing the kitchen drawers and cleaning the inside of the fridge) when you have more time.

Vacuum everything.

            If you don’t have time to sweep, mop, or dust, your vacuum can help you quickly freshen up your entire home. Once you’ve put everything back in its proper place, vacuum your carpets and floors like you normally would. Then, equip your vacuum’s soft brush attachment and run it over walls, ceilings, shelves, counters, and fixtures to remove dust and debris.

Finish by giving hard surfaces a quick wipe-down.

            As a final touch, take five minutes to spritz hard surfaces (such as tables, countertops, and shower walls) with a mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar. Then, grab a microfiber cloth and polish them dry.

If You Need Last-Minute House Cleaning, Call DeluxeMaid

            Though it’s possible to get a home looking tidy in one hour or less, there’s no substitute for truly thorough housekeeping. If you find yourself continually struggling to find time to clean, don’t keep leaving it until the last minute – call our affordable maids in Indianapolis instead. We can help you keep your schedule manageable and ensure your home is always in guest-worthy condition while you spend the day relaxing in Bee Camp Creek Trailhead.