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Posted on November 3rd, 2020

Your own cleaning business is a smart choice as consumers look to save time in order to prioritise relaxation at home.  COVID-19 has made us all think more about cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation.  So, the potential is there for you to grow your own highly successful home cleaning business that offers convenience, a great product and customer service.    Let’s consider four key tips that can make growing your own cleaning business a breeze. 

What people expect from a cleaning company

Customers looking to outsource maintenance and cleaning of their home want to know they can trust any service they employ.  That begins with an assurance that cleaners are reliable and vetted thoroughly.  Reliability involves a number of factors.  Cleaning staff need to be punctual and turn up at the agreed time and complete the job within the agreed time frame.  Customers are likely to have a range of commitments to attend to and need to know they will get the service they are paying for in the scheduled time they requested. Reliability also means customers can rely on the quality of the service and the clean.  They need to know anyone from your cleaning business will provide a quality service and deliver to a high standard.  That means no short-cuts or shoddy work.  We make it our business to implement quality control procedures and systems that ensure clients can rely on attentive service and a high quality clean.  Of course, don’t forget that attentive service also includes customer service and communication at each and every stage of the transaction – initial contact and enquiries should be met promptly, professionally and in a timely manner, as should follow up courtesy contact with clients.  All aspects of your cleaning business need to convey punctuality and reliability if you are to grow your own cleaning business.

Be transparent about what your cleaning company offers

Honesty is another value that you’ll need to consider in growing your own cleaning business.  If you state that you use quality and sustainable cleaning products, make it your business to ensure that you do.  If you say that you will provide fully vetted and professional cleaners, then make sure you do indeed follow up meticulously on background checks of your workers and implement effective training and monitoring systems to ensure a standard quality clean each and every time.  If you state on your branding that your service ensures reliability and punctuality, then make sure that happens.  Be clear, direct and upfront about pricing structures.  No hidden fees of nasty surprises that turn customers off want to continue employing your service.  And, if there is an issue – be clear and upfront with customers.  Don’t try to sweep anything under the carpet, so to speak.  Consumers are canny and will spot a mile off any signs of disingenuousness and dishonesty.  Honesty really matters in an industry whereby your business is entering customers’ homes and intimate spaces.  Make sure your service is trustworthy and transparent. Make sure the quality of cleaning is really high and that you don’t miss any spots. If you are going to grow your own cleaning business you want word of mouth recommendations, positive online reviews and repeat business from contented clients.  Honesty goes along way to ensuring customers are satisfied. 

We’ve mentioned quality cleaning products.  Source products that meet that need and be clear with customers you provide and use such products. Eco-friendly and ethically sourced products may be of concern for many customers. This is particularly important for customers who suffer from allergies.  Some clients are particularly interested in products that don’t leave chemical smells and traces of VOCs in the air.  Above all, the products you use need to meet the client’s needs and perform well.  Don’t scrimp on these raw products that are an essential part of the service your cleaning business provides. 

Communicate effectively with your customers

Another important tip we’ve already briefly touched upon warrants closer inspection.  That’s the idea of customer support and communication at each stage of the business transaction.  Clients want to know their business and loyalty is valued, that they matter to you and your business.  An unanswered query that languishes for a couple of days in an in-box, or feedback comment that goes unacknowledged will not convey that your customer matters to you.  If you are to grow your own successful cleaning business then ensure fast and effective response times from customer support.  Initial enquiries need accurate and clear information about what your service offers and how that meets the client’s needs.  Potential customers need to know availability times and pricing structures.  They need their specific queries answered.  And, at the other end of the business transaction, customers need to know you care about their views and feedback following a clean.  Be deliberate about contacting each and every customer post-clean to ensure they are happy with the service.  This feedback offers a valuable chance to put right anything that have left your customer dissatisfied.  It also generates valuable positive feedback that is a great marketing tool to show other potential customer evidence that your cleaning business is reliable and effective.  Consider the various online platforms that allow customers to leave reviews and ratings:  Yelp, Google, Facebook and Thumbtack among others.  Make it your business to monitor and respond across any platform you advertise and list on.   Thank customers for their online reviews and comments and show that you are willing to act on the odd piece of constructive advice from customers.  Such follow up aligns you in the marketplace as a receptive and responsive business that prioritizes quality and continual improvement.  

So, if you’re looking to grow your own successful cleaning business, remember the golden four:

  • Reliability
  • Honesty and transparency
  • High quality products
  • Customer support at each stage. 

Build these into your business plans from the word go and you are in a good position to be reaping the rewards from a successful and well-respected local home cleaning business.