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Posted on July 3rd, 2020

The kitchen is one of the most utilized rooms in the entire house. Most social events require food, and kitchens are obviously crucial in providing this. Even cookouts use the fridge and kitchen for prep work. There is nothing worse than hating your own kitchen. The world seems to run on its stomach, and every house has at least one cooking space. Here are a few ideas for kitchen layout and when they might be best used. Keep in mind that we are all different, so you might have different opinions.

Single Wall

This kitchen shape is often used when space is limited. It is very basic with everything placed along one wall. It has the least amount of cabinets and can be one of the least expensive floorplans. Many people with smaller kitchen spaces like this design because it does not slow movement within the kitchen and people can move behind one another easily. However, since it is a minimalist design, there is often less space for necessities, and fewer appliances may be incorporated. Counter and drawer space is often at a minimum in these kitchens as well.


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Another popular kitchen style is the U-shaped kitchen. These can also be good for small or limited spaces. They incorporate more upper cabinets usually, which maximizes space. U-shaped kitchens are often used in areas where people are not passing through since the shape is not conducive to traffic flow. There is more counter space than with a single wall kitchen, but this design still tends to be used in smaller kitchens.


This shape is preferred by many, especially if it also has an island. These kitchens have more counter space than a single wall kitchen, but they may have a little less than a U-shape depending on size. Those doing a great deal of entertaining tend to like this shape as the island provides a space for socializing while maintaining enough counter space for cooking and food prep.


Narrow kitchens often use this shape. In older homes, this was often a popular kitchen design. Everything is within reach, and it maximizes counter space. However, this is not a large kitchen, and pass-through traffic can be inconvenient. It is a wonderful design for keeping things well in reach though, as the fridge, stove and sink are never far away. Many apartments, condos, and small homes benefit from this type of kitchen.


Like the U or L-shaped kitchen, the G-shape uses the available wall space and provides maximum countertop space. The G-shape is almost completely closed with a small doorway or passageway in and out. This type of kitchen uses the U and adds a peninsula. Often the peninsula contains an appliance such as the oven or dishwasher. This kitchen does not offer much floor space, but in larger homes, you may even be able to add an island to create a social area.


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Islands are trendy in more substantial kitchens. They can be added to any of the above kitchen styles to minimize reaching distance and keep things closer. They can also be added to increase counter space, cabinetry, or an additional appliance.


Rather than adding an island, some homeowners add a peninsula to the kitchen. This is simply an island that is connected to something else. These are sometimes bars for eating but they can also be cabinets and prep areas. They can maximize counter space without using any wall space. The peninsula gives the feel of an L or U-shaped kitchen without the extra wall.

Other Considerations

Your kitchen may be an eat-in kitchen or an open floorplan incorporating your dining and living room spaces. You do not want to minimize your entertaining space for the sake of your kitchen space or vice versa. The goal is to create a space that will maximize the use of both. Consider the purpose of your kitchen and entertaining spaces when designing your kitchen. If you are an outdoor entertainer, the proximity to the outdoors should be considered. How will you move from the kitchen to the outdoor grilling area? Do not forget to consider the social aspects of your kitchen, along with the functionality.

Final Thoughts

No one can decide what the purpose of a kitchen or dining room is for a homeowner. You must decide what features you require most in your kitchen and how much counter space and storage space is required. Each of these types of kitchen has benefits and drawbacks. Consider your space, time spent in the kitchen, and entertaining purposes before deciding on a kitchen layout. Some people choose to have an island and a peninsula, others have two islands, and some have neither. Whatever you choose should be what is best for you. You should also consider the function of additional structures. For instance, is your island for housing an oven, or is it for entertaining? If it is for entertaining, do you want barstools or chairs? You must decide what the best kitchen layout is. There are some that work better for larger or smaller spaces, but the choice is ultimately yours.