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a clean dining room

Posted on April 15th, 2020

In most houses, the kids come in through the front door after school and drop their coats on the dining table before settling in to their favorite after-school home activities. The same goes for old newspapers and magazines – they often end up on the dining table too.

That new vase you just received and haven’t figured out where to decorate with, that also goes on the dining table. One item at a time, that’s exactly how you arrived at a cluttered and disorganized dining room and dining table. It’s hardly ever intentional and as with most piles, it just keeps growing as you put off organizing it.

The dining room is often easily accessible and because the dining table is usually right by the kitchen or living room, chances are a lot of things end up living there. Over time, you find that your dining room is now home to all the stray items in your home. It is high time you get your act together and restore your dining room to how you dream it should be.

There are many strategies to use to organize and clean your dining table and make your home look organized and inviting again.

Start with the paperwork.

One of the most common things you find on dining tables are paper clutter. Magazines, books, old bills and mail typically end up on the dining table until you have a chance to sort them. Don’t wait for the perfect time to do that. Declutter and clear everything in one fell swoop and start a filing system. All you need is just a few baskets, binders, or open containers that can hold paperwork as large as newspapers. Sort everything into categories and trash the waste in the proper recycling bin. Put all of your mail into a holder on the wall, basket, or binder. If you have coupons or other documents that need attention, put them somewhere you can find them quickly and process them and determine where they go once you finish organizing.

Relocate items on the table to other parts of the house.

If you have a lot of chargers and devices that you need to charge, create a charging station where all the chargers will be kept permanently. Hats, gloves and coats all go in the closet. Ensure there are enough hangers inside the closet for everything to be hung up. Look around and find other things that need new homes and figure out where they need to be. Once you relocate them for the first time, everything in that category should then end up there, making your dining room and home look more organized.

Empty your dining table and decorate it with a centerpiece.

There’s a certain elegance that a clean dining table containing something special adds to your home. Now that your table is free of homeless items, it’s time to decide what centerpiece should be placed in the center of the table. This could be a vase of fresh flowers, a bowl of fresh fruits, or even a sculpture. Pick something that you would love to look at and that can be a good conversation starter when you have guests over. It should also not be too tall, so that it does not get knocked over easily when you’re passing things around the table.

Deep clean your dining room.

At first glance, your dining room may look clean and orderly. To properly organize your dining room, you must first take everything out and do a deep clean. First, vacuum the entire room, not forgetting the top corners and window treatments. Move the dining table aside and clean the rug underneath it if you have one. Take out the rug, mop the floor and then let it dry before replacing the rug.

Be space smart.

You don’t want your dining room to look stuffy and uncomfortable. It makes sense to ensure that all your fancy china and unused linens are kept hidden away where they can be easily retrieved. Keeping a clear table means putting away all the holiday decorations, placemats and other items in a box in storage. If you feel like your dining room looks dated and you are out of ideas, you can contact a home interior designer or home improvement expert to help you find new inspiration to add color and style to your home.

You can also use indoor plants in your dining room, where they can receive sunlight. An organized dining room should have good light and is a great place to hang out with the family. Take the time today to reclaim your space and you’ll be sure to have more fun entertaining your guests and family in your dining room.

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