The Top 5 Home Improvement Trends for 2020 -

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Posted on April 14th, 2020

Right now, having a home that you can be proud of and feel comfortable in, is more important than ever. Whether you’re looking for a fun DIY project or want to start planning professional renovations, the home improvement trends below will hopefully inspire you to update your home for 2020:

Make your kitchen smart, bright and eco-friendly.

Smart home technology has been a part of daily life for years, but until now, it was mostly used to manage HVAC, lighting and security systems. In 2020, we expect smart home technology to become more established in the kitchen, where it will help users prepare food and reduce water, food and energy wastage. Appliances like the Bosch Home Connect Refrigerator are capable of tracking stored food items (and generating great recipe ideas based on what you already have on hand), so you won’t forget food at the back of the fridge before it spoils. Other appliances, like smart dishwashers, can effectively manage resources by using only enough water and electricity to get your dishes sparkling clean and no more. Smart dishwashers can also be started remotely via an app, so you can power on your dishwasher when electricity rates are cheapest, even if you aren’t home.

As you upscale your appliances, consider renovating your kitchen to feature more reflective surfaces. The use of reflective surfaces, like mirrored planes and high-shine counter tops, will amplify the amount of natural light in your kitchen, reducing the need for electric lighting. (To fully enjoy the light-enhancing benefits of these surfaces, you’ll need to keep them clean at all times. You can learn how to clean counter tops like a pro and take care of high-sheen kitchen surfaces.)

Update your bathroom with black accents.

All-white bathrooms can look sterile and unwelcoming, while colorful bathrooms are prone to taking on a tacky, dated appearance. The solution? Make the light hues in your bathroom really “pop” by carefully adding black accents in key areas. Installing jet black faucets, light fixtures and mirror frames can add a striking, modern appeal to your bathroom, without breaking your budget or requiring a significant amount of labor.

Make your basement an entertainment palace.

Despite high home prices increasing the value of every square foot of living space we own, the basement remains a chronically under-utilized area. Many families still use the basement as a storage space, where they can accumulate clutter without it becoming an obvious eyesore. They may also see basements as inherently dark, damp, creepy places that are unsuitable for living – but it doesn’t have to be that way. With some cleaning, organization and planning, you can transform your basement from a storage area into a warm, cozy, additional living space.

If your basement is fully or partially finished, much of the work has already been done for you. If your basement is unfinished, on the other hand, you’ll need to install insulation along the walls, add drywall and put in a floor and ceiling (or have a contractor do this for you) before you can go any further.

Once your basement is finished, consider what kind of activities your family enjoys and complete the space accordingly. If you and your partner have no children and enjoy socializing at home with friends, a bar and recreation area might be ideal for you. If you love to watch movies, why not install a home theater? (The dim lighting in most basements lends itself well to watching movies or playing video games.) If you have young children, setting up a playroom can give them space to run off their energy and make a mess, without disrupting the rest of your home. (For more tips on how to keep your kids entertained at home, see our list of fun indoor activities for families.)

Turn your backyard into a paradise.

With the cost of living increasing every year, Millennials are saving money by going out less than their parents’ generation did. Instead, many 20 and 30-somethings are choosing to entertain their friends at home. Whether they’re hosting a Netflix binge-watching session, a game night, or a barbecue, today’s young people know how to have a great time without ever leaving their own backyard.

Fittingly, one of 2020’s top design trends focuses on overhauling outdoor spaces: This year, more people are equipping their patios with lounging areas, bars and even fireplaces. Beyond the patio, we’re seeing an increase in complex landscaping schemes that feature flowers, ornate bushes, fountains and rock gardens. Walkways with lighting are also becoming popular as more people use their backyards after dark.

Make your home a healthier place.

With most people spending 80-90% of their time indoors, creating a healthy home environment is absolutely essential to our well-being. In 2020, we expect to see more people replacing potentially toxic floor, wall and ceiling materials with safer, more sustainable options. Features like air purifiers, water purifiers and circadian lighting systems are also gaining in popularity.

At the same time, people are becoming more aware of the importance of cleaning, especially the use of green cleaning techniques. Green cleaning can protect your family from viruses and bacteria without polluting local water supplies.

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