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Posted on January 8th, 2019

You wouldn’t think that there’s more to cleaning than just grabbing your cleaning supplies and getting down to business. Well, the leading experts for maid service in Carmel, Indiana would certainly disagree. Rushing through this process might lead to making a few house-cleaning mistakes that can leave your home dirtier than it was. Make no mistake – it’s certainly possible to clean your home in two hours or less, but only if you do it right. But first, let’s check out the most common mistakes!

1. Leaving cleaning for the last minute

For a great number of people, cleaning is just a boring chore that needs to be done. So, they keep postponing it, hoping that it will be easier later on. Yet, the more they postpone it, the more difficult it gets. You know nothing is worse than cleaning your entire home in a single day. Instead, you should maintain a clean, tidy living environment by controlling the mess. You can tidy up as you go, wash the dishes after each meal, and don’t let clutter build up. Even ten minutes of cleaning can make your life easier.

2. Using the same rag

This is one of the most common house cleaning mistakes. No matter how many times you wash out a rug that you’ve already used, it collects grime from other surfaces and spreads it around your home. You can imagine what happens when you use the same rag in the bathroom and kitchen. A simple solution is having several microfiber cloths for each room. Afterward, you can throw them into the washing machine and clean them thoroughly.  

3. Spraying a cleaning solution directly onto a surface

Spraying a cleaning product directly onto a surface might seem like a practical way to clean your home, but it’s not the safest option for many delicate surfaces. instead, make it a habit to spray it onto a cloth and then wipe sensitive materials, such as wood, porcelain, vinyl, car seats, and electronics, to err on the safe side. Once you wipe them with a damp cloth, you should follow it up immediately with a dry one to collect any moisture residue.

4. More common house cleaning mistakes: not cleaning the vacuum

You must clean your vacuum filters regularly. A full vacuum cleaner will just blow dust and dirt back into the air, spreading them around your home. To avoid this, regularly empty your filters and wipe the vacuum and attachments with disinfecting wipes. 

5. Using too many cleaning products

Mixing several cleaning solutions isn’t only unnecessary but also extremely dangerous. Such a mixture of chemicals will damage your laminate flooring or lovely carpets. More importantly, it will expose you to hazardous fumes that can damage your health.

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