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Posted on December 6th, 2018

We live in a fast-paced world where you have everything but free time. You’re probably so overwhelmed by your everyday obligations and duties that you can’t dedicate enough time to getting your house in order. A simple solution is to hire the best professional cleaners near you to help while you take care of other items on your to-do list. But sometimes you only have a few hours or less to straighten your home because of unexpected guests or other reasons. In this article,  we share expert tips on how to clean your house in 2 hours or even less without committing common cleaning mistakes.

1. Preparation (10 minutes)

Gather Your Supplies: Before you start, assemble all your cleaning supplies in a basket or caddy. This will save you time running back and forth. Common supplies include:

  • Multi-surface cleaner
  • Glass cleaner
  • Paper towels or microfiber cloths
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Garbage bags
  • Duster

Dress Appropriately: Wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Consider tying your hair back and wearing rubber gloves.

Set the Mood: Play some upbeat music to keep the energy high.

2. Declutter (20 minutes)

  • Pick Up & Tidy Up: Go through each room and pick up misplaced items. Put things where they belong and throw away any trash. This is about clearing surfaces, not organizing drawers.
  • Laundry: Gather dirty clothes and start a load in the washing machine.

3. Tackle the Big Rooms (40 minutes)

Living Room (10 minutes): Dust surfaces, starting from top shelves and working your way down. Quick-vacuum the carpet or sweep the floor. Fluff pillows and straighten items on tables.

Kitchen (15 minutes): Wipe down countertops and major appliances. Do a quick wash of any dishes or load them into the dishwasher. Sweep and spot mop the floor.

Bathrooms (15 minutes): Wipe down mirrors, sink, and counter. Scrub the toilet and give the shower/tub a quick wipe-down. Sweep the floor.

4. Secondary Rooms (35 minutes)

Bedrooms (20 minutes): Make the bed, dust surfaces, and vacuum or sweep the floor. If time permits, quickly organize any noticeable clutter.

Home Office/Study (10 minutes): Tidy up the desk area. File away any stray papers and wipe down surfaces. Vacuum if needed.

Hallways & Stairs (5 minutes): A quick vacuum or sweep should do. Remember to dust any railings or ledges.

5. Final Touches (15 minutes)

  • Empty Trash: Go through each room and empty wastebaskets.
  • Check Laundry: Depending on your washing machine, you might need to move clothes to the dryer or fold a load.
  • Freshen Up: Light a scented candle or use an air freshener for a pleasant aroma.
  • Review: Take a quick walk through the house to check for any missed spots.

6. Relax (Optional, but highly recommended!)

After working hard for 2 hours, take a moment for yourself. Brew a cup of tea, sit down, and enjoy the cleanliness around you.

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