One Time Cleaning Service Near Me: Cleaning Up After A Party

a woman in a messy living room after the party

Posted on October 15th, 2018

Parties are fun! Not as fun as when you were a kid, and somebody else took care of all the preps, the cooking, and the cleaning, and you got to sulk over what you considered an inadequately-sized birthday cake, but fun nonetheless. The post-party cleaning part is, naturally, the anticlimax that anyone who has ever hosted a party dreads. Luckily, you can ring up a justly popular maid service Carmel Indiana, even at the last minute, saying: ‘Can I have a one-time cleaning service near me?’ and be done with it. Alternatively, you can DIY and, whether you’re throwing a party for kids or adults, try these post-party clean-up tips!

Anticipate the party aftermath

We trust you’ve shared many a drunken bash with your friends, so you must be pretty familiar with their (in)aptitude to hold liquor. Based on this, you can decide which types of alcohol are safe to serve and whether food should be in the picture to lessen the effects of alcohol. All of this brings us to the next item on the agenda.

Prevent all hell from breaking loose by thinking ahead

It’s not too late to google ‘one-time cleaning service near me’ in the morning after everyone’s (hopefully) left the premises, and you can see the full extent of the damage done in broad daylight. But it’s never too early to start cleaning either – or at least make preparations.

This starts with finding a safe storage for all the valuable and fragile items. Lock the doors to the rooms you don’t want used. Place disposable floor mats or cheap rugs on the floor and machine-washable ones on the tables. Protect the couch and chairs with covers. These minimal investments will cut the post-party workload in half!

If you’re expecting a house full of guests, buy paper and plastic cups and plates. Set up garbage bins (one for recycling) which will serve as a subtle reminder to your guests to clean up after themselves. Buy paper towels in bulk and put them in easy-to-reach locations. That way, whenever you notice a spill, you can wipe it up straight away. Don’t obsess about it, though – enjoying the party should be your top priority!

Hire a one time cleaning service near me or get kind-hearted friends to pitch in?

If it so happens that the mess is too much to handle on your own, consider your options. Either hire professionals, or ask a few friends who’ve stayed the night to join in the cleaning chores. Even if they’re not much help, anything is better than being stuck cleaning the mess on your own while struggling with a hangover.

Post-party to-do list

Whether you’re doing it in the evening, as soon as everybody leaves, or in the morning, follow this list of priorities:

  • Deal with spills
  • Collect containers, empty them in the sink or the trash, than toss them out
  • Fill the dishwasher
  • Gather up and take out the garbage
  • Do the vacuuming and floor mopping last

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