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Posted on September 5th, 2018

If you’ve ever found yourself stumped by the question “How do I find the best maid cleaning near me”, than you know just how difficult it is to find a reliable, efficient, and trustworthy maid cleaning business. Luckily, regardless of how often you need house cleaning service visits, BBB’s here to make your life a whole lot easier with some top tips.


There are always options when trying to find a maid cleaning service that suits your needs, and the very beginning of the answer to the question “What maid cleaning near me is good” is doing proper research.

Nowadays, the majority of information on all subjects can be found online, which holds true for house cleaning services as well. You can google different services, find customer reviews and experiences, inquire about the pricing and the different services provided.

Or, you can stick to the olden ways, and try the word of mouth. Ask your family, friends, and neighbors about their experiences with maid services. Chances are they will be honest with you, give you a detailed report, and help you reach a decision.


When it comes to hiring individual house cleaners, there is no better way to find out all you need to know than by interviewing the potential candidates. Face-to-face still remains the best method of reaching the decision about business cooperation.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking about asking for the services of a larger cleaning service company, you should still try to arrange an in-person meeting with one of the company representatives. The same holds true as for interviewing individuals, with the added notion of satisfaction being that this way, a company proves it cares about its clients.


When looking to acquire professional maid cleaning services, you have to be aware of the fact that you are going to be letting unknown individuals into your home. Now, professionals are professionals, and a vast majority of them do their work in a professional manner.

However, we know that many people still struggle with the notion of allowing strangers access to their home. In order to find peace of mind, it is necessary to check the credentials of either an individual, or a house cleaning company.

They have to be registered, insured, and bonded. Only then will you know that your home is in safe and capable hands, as it provides protection in case of breakage, theft, or injuries.

Finally, you can request a background check of the person about to tend to your home. The check itself should be thorough enough, detailing all the aspects you would like an insight into.


References are an extremely important part when answering the difficult “Should I hire this maid cleaning near me” question. References are the best way to receive almost first-hand information about the quality of the maid service you are thinking of hiring.

Be sure to ask the references all about the service provided, their satisfaction, and if the service was as they had expected. If the majority of the references you contact provide satisfactory answers, then you start consider other aspects of hiring a maid cleaning service.


Discuss the cost of the services in depth. But, before that, first you yourself need to be sure of exactly what services you need, and how frequently you need them done. Perhaps you need weekly house cleaning visits, or maybe once a month is enough for you. Only then can you get an exact cost projection from the individual or the company.

Also, ask about the services included, about the price of additional services and use of green cleaning agents, and decide what you want to pay for. Finally, allow the cleaning service to walk through your home, tell them about your needs, and give them the time to reach an estimate.

Get it in writing

Upon reaching an agreement with the house cleaning service you want to hire, take one last step of precaution, just to be completely on the safe side. Everything you have agreed upon should be put to paper, signed, thus made legally binding, for both the provider, and you as a client.


Lastly, after discussing all the obligation of the house cleaning service, there is also one thing you should do – be a good client. Don’t expect the cleaning service to come to your home, make coffee, give you a massage, pick the kids up, and put them to bed.

They are there to do their job, and it would be a terribly pleasant gesture if you prepped your home for their arrival. There’s not much to it – simply clear away the clutter, put away the things you find dear, just in case, and give the professionals enough space to work.

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