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Posted on July 17th, 2018

When it comes to hiring maids house cleaning services, people usually know when and what they want cleaned, even more so once they find a truly great maid cleaning service. They do struggle, however, with how often they should have their house cleaned. Well, depending on your needs, wants, and budget, here’s some advice on how frequently to repeat house cleaning service visits.


If your family is extremely busy, if the days of the week are too packed to manage to do even the slightest of touch ups, then daily repeat house cleaning service visits are the way for you.

Daily house cleaning visits can also be extremely helpful if you’re bringing up an infant and want to devote all your free parenting time to him or her. Also, elderly people who really need help with even the easiest of daily tasks can benefit greatly from daily housekeeping visits.

These visits are usually arranged in the “Monday-to-Friday” schedule. Since the maids will come to your household every day of the working week, this is a more expensive alternative. However, since the employment is almost full-time, there are potential discounts on maid services because of the everyday engagement.

Weekly or bi-weekly

This is a great option for any family who want their household thoroughly and regularly cleaned, but without the financial obligation of everyday repeat house cleaning service visits.

What you do need to pay attention to is the prep work before the cleaners come to your home.

In order to maximize the work the cleaning service can perform during weekly or bi-weekly visits, the household needs to be well prepared. That means decluttering the space you want cleaned, so that the cleaning staff can concentrate on the actual cleaning, and not waste time dealing with clutter.

The expectations from the cleaning staff include vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, emptying the trash, as well as cleaning the bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen and the living room. If left with enough time, you can politely ask them to change the linens and fold the laundry.


Weekly and daily repeat house cleaning service visits are a great way to stay on top of the more frequent of house cleaning tasks. If you have enough time to tackle all those common household chores yourself, that it may be wise to consider going for monthly house cleaning service visits.

If you hire cleaning staff on a monthly basis, you can use the opportunity to deal with the less frequent cleaning jobs. These can include tasks like oven cleaning, getting rid of mildew and mold from your bathroom, cleaning window tracks, or giving your fridge a thorough wipe down.

Since monthly hiring of house cleaning services is usually to solve the less frequent tasks, no special house preparation is needed. Just make sure that the potentially existing clutter won’t interfere with their cleaning schedule.


Occasional visits from professional house cleaners are usually due to unexpected or planned visits from friends or family. Cooking a storm for your guests to feast on is stressful enough in itself, and imagine just how stressful it can become if you need to think about passing a white-glove test on top of that.

That is why occasionally hiring professional cleaning staff is an excellent way to prep your household for these special events. And, since this type of cleaning takes the longest amount of time by default, you can just sit back and relax, not even thinking about prepping your home. Just let the professionals deal with everything, while you’re in the final stages of choosing the perfect outfit and planning the meals.

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