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How to Clean Your House Quickly

Posted on May 14th, 2018

Sometimes, you may be in doubt on how to clean your house, feeling tempted to call upon the services of house cleaning Indianapolis experts. Well, there are ways to make it quick and cheap.


Before attempting any cleaning task on a larger scale, which cleaning your entire abode certainly is, you need to prep. And besides making a plan, you’re going to need cleaning supplies too.

That’s where you should cut down on expenses. People usually spend more money buying cleaning supplies, bearing in mind different surfaces around the house. However, nobody says you need a special product for each surface.

What you do need though is an all-purpose cleaning spray, paper towels, glass cleaner, garbage bags, a sponge, a duster, and a vacuum. As you can see, you probably already have many of these items at home, so you are ready to start making your home spotless sooner than you think.

Living room

In order to clean the living room properly and thoroughly, first you need to get rid of any excess clutter. Take a container, any one you have at hand, and place any items that belong in different rooms in it. This saves valuable time running around the house, putting items where they should be.

Next, turn your attention to the couch. Brush any hairs from the couch. If you have a lint brush, it may come in handy. Then, clean any dust and food crumbs. Also, check for any misplaced items behind the cushions. Finally, fluff the pillows and the couch is done.

You should now dust the coffee table, and arrange the items on it in an organized fashion. Everything should have its place. Throw away any old magazines, then neatly stack any books and magazines that are up-to-date.

Vacuum around the room, while saving the difficult furniture moving for another time, as it won’t make any noticeable difference. Take a cloth and wipe any glass or wood surfaces. You have the necessary supplies – use either the glass cleaner or the universal cleaner. Living room ready!


Although bedrooms do sound easier to brush up, there is still some work to be done. As with the living room, first get rid of any unnecessary items. Take a hamper and put all the dirty clothes in it. Don’t worry about the sorting, you can get to that when doing the laundry.

Take any clean clothes that might be lying around and refold or rehang them, depending on the item of clothing. You’ll sort through the closet at a more opportune time, because remember, this is a quick clean.

After removing any items that may have been on the bed, make it. A made bed creates all the difference, even though we sometimes don’t realize it. Straighten all the surfaces of your bedroom, including the desk, the shelves, and the night stand. If there are any items that shouldn’t be there, place them in a container to be sorted out later.

As with the living room, after arranging and tidying all the surfaces, clean them with one of the products from your supply list. Just run a vacuum beforehand, as you don’t want any dust settling after wiping. Next up, bathroom.


Oh, bathroom. The bane of many a cleaner. When asking for advice on how to clean your house, bathroom is usually the first one on the list. But it is not so difficult, as you will see.

Again, the first step is removing any used towels and dirty clothes and placing them in a hamper. Trash goes in the trashcan, and this completes the decluttering of the bathroom.

Use a disinfectant to wipe down the sing, the counters, and the bathtub. The toilet is also an easy clean, as all you need is some universal cleaner and a toilet brush. Spray some cleaning fluid on the outside of the bowl, wipe away, and you’re good to go. Well, not just yet.

Use shaving foam or glass cleaner to clean the foggy bathroom mirror. Sort out any cosmetics you possess, arrange it, and make your bathroom look as presentable as you can. Finally, sweep the floor and finish it off.


Depending on how avid a cook you are, there can be fewer or more items in the kitchen to sort through. As with all the rooms up to know, you need to arrange the items in the kitchen neatly. Take any condiment lying around ant put them where they belong. Do the same with all kitchen appliances.

Then, clear the countertops of any trash that might be around, and do the same with cupboards. Take care of the dirty dishes as well. If there is any residue on the plates, leave them to soak in warm water while you spruce up the rest of your kitchen.

When finished with the dishes, wipe the sink, used appliances, and the countertops. Mop the floor, use a cleaner on the surfaces, and take the trash out. You are finished with the kitchen, and with the entire home as well. Now, that wasn’t so hard.

We know how to clean your house!

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