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Posted on May 14th, 2018

Clueless on how to clean your house? With these expert cleaning tips, you’ll be cleaning like our Carmel cleaning professionals in no time!

Set Out Your Cleaning Supplies

Prep and plan before attempting any cleaning task on a larger scale. People usually spend more money buying cleaning supplies, bearing in mind different surfaces around the house. However, nobody says you need a special product for each surface. Simplify home cleaning by sticking to the essentials:

  • An all-purpose cleaning spray
  • Paper towels or microfiber towel
  • Garbage bags
  • A sponge
  • Broom and vacuum
  • A Mop

Most likely, you probably already have many of these items at home, so you are ready to start making your home spotlessly clean sooner than you think.

Cleaning the Living Room

  • Declutter – Take a large box or any container, walk around your living space, and place any random item that doesn’t belong in that room. Save the box for sorting later. Pro tip: this is a nice speed-cleaning hack if you have guests coming over and you only have a few minutes to get your home spick and span fast.
  • Clean the couch – Vacuum dirt, dust, fur, hair strands, or food bits from the surface. It may also be easier if you have a lint roller. Check for any misplaced items behind the cushions. Throw cushion covers, pillows, and throw blankets in the washer if possible.
  • Organize focal points – Coffee tables or center tables are instant eye-catchers. Make sure to dust surfaces and arrange the items on display on top of it in an organized fashion. Everything should have its place. Throw away any old magazines, then neatly stack any books and magazines that are up-to-date.
  • Vacuum floors – Save the difficult furniture moving for another time, as it won’t make any noticeable difference. Take a microfiber towel and wipe any glass or wood surfaces.

Bedroom Cleaning

Although bedrooms may seem easier to straighten up, there is still some work to be done. Follow these cleaning tips:

  • Take a hamper and put all the dirty clothes in it. Don’t worry about the sorting, you can get to that when doing the laundry.
  • Take any clean clothes that might be lying around and refold or rehang them, depending on the item of clothing. You’ll sort through the closet at a more opportune time, because remember, this is a quick clean.
  • Strip down dirty bedding and replace it with new ones. Or if you’re in a hurry, just straighten up everything and make the bed.
  • Declutter and wipe clean all bedroom surfaces, including the desk, the shelves, and the nightstand. If there are any items that shouldn’t be there, place them in a container to be sorted out later.
  • Finish off by vacuuming the floors.

Bathroom Quick Clean Up

Oh, bathroom. The bane of many a cleaner. When asking for advice on how to clean your house, the bathroom is usually the first one on the list. Make the task easier with these bathroom cleaning hacks.

  • Put soiled towels and dirty clothes in a hamper.
  • Throw trash like toilet paper, used-up toiletries, or skincare products in the waste bin.
  • Use disinfecting wipes to clean the sink, the counters, and the bathtub.
  • Spray some cleaning solution on the inside of your toilet and let it sit for a few minutes. Then spray the outside parts of the toilet bowl, focusing on the water tank, the flush, the seat, and the base. Wipe away, and you’re good to go.
  • Use shaving foam or glass cleaner to clean the foggy bathroom mirror.
  • Sort out and arrange any cosmetics you have on display on the countertop to make your bathroom look as presentable as you can.
  • Lastly, sweep and mop the floors.

10-Minute Kitchen Cleaning

Depending on how avid a cook you are, cleaning your kitchen can either be easy peasy or a slow burn taking hours.  Here are some tips to speed-clean your kitchen.

  • Clear the countertops of any random stuff or trash.
  • Collect the dirty dishes and load them in the dishwasher. If there is any residue on the plates, leave them soak in warm water while you clean up the rest of your kitchen.
  • Wipe the sink, used appliances, and countertops.
  • Sweep and mop the floors.
  • Take the trash out and replace the liner of your bins.

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