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Posted on April 6th, 2016

Cleaning your home can be tedious and time-consuming, but it is a necessary chore that must be done regularly. Whether you are a busy parent, a working professional, or just someone who hates cleaning, there are ways to make this home cleaning more manageable and efficient. Check out these expert time-saving tips from our cleaning professionals.

Make a cleaning checklist 

List everything that needs to be done to help you organize your cleaning tasks and ensure you do not forget anything. It will also help you to prioritize cleaning the main areas of your home that require more attention. For example, our partners at Super Cleaning Service Louisville recommend cleaning your kitchen and bathroom more frequently than your living room.

Declutter regularly

One of the biggest time-wasters when cleaning is dealing with the seemingly endless surplus of things you have around. Declutter, curate, and get rid of items that you no longer need or use. You can also donate or sell items in good condition that no longer serve a purpose in your home.

Use multi-purpose cleaners

Using multi-purpose cleaners can save you much time when cleaning your home. These cleaners are designed to clean multiple surfaces, so you do not have to switch between different products. If you advocate for green home cleaning, you can also make your own eco-friendly multi-purpose cleaner by mixing vinegar and water in a spray bottle.

Stock up on microfiber cleaning cloths

Microfiber cloths are awesome time-saving tools for home cleaning because they trap dirt and dust better than regular rags. They are also reusable, so you do not have to buy or dispose of them constantly, like kitchen towels. 

Clean from top to bottom

When cleaning a room, always start from the top and work your way down. This means dusting the ceiling, then the walls, and then the floors. This will minimize the possibility of dust and dirt from falling onto surfaces that have already been cleaned, so you will not have to clean them again.

Invest in an excellent quality vacuum cleaner 

Getting a robot vacuum cleaner or a high-powered vacuum cleaner with several convenient attachments, such as a crevice tool, upholstery tool, and dusting brush, helps you clean hard-to-reach areas and surfaces more efficiently.

Involve the whole family

Home cleaning does not have to be a one-person job. Making it a group effort is one of the best and most beneficial time-saving tips when cleaning. Assign cleaning tasks to each family member. Even children can join in with age-appropriate chores, such as picking up their toys, wiping surfaces, and watering the plants. This will not only save you time, but it will also teach your little ones the importance of keeping a clean home.

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